English Country Dance

Learn to dance the way it was done in the days of Jane Austen. All ages welcome. No experience necessary – no partner required. All dances taught on the spot. Dress casually – light clothing and soft shoes suggested.

Tiddley Cove Morris Society

Tiddley Cove formed in 1986 after Expo 86, and it was originally called Captain’s Ladies.  In 1988, we became Tiddley Cove Morris, named after the north shore location invented by Len Norris in his cartoons for the Vancouver Sun. We perform both stick and hanky dances and, in some dances, we use sticks and hankies at the same time. Collectively, we play melodeon, concertina, penny whistle, recorder, bodhran, tambourine, triangle, and mandolin. We’re also developing a singing repertoire for that other important part of the Morris tradition: the pub session.

James Nicholson Power Yoga

In my classes, I encourage you to be in the moment and experience how the events in your life are affecting you. This practice will help you gain strength, balance and flexibility not just physically but emotionally and mentally. Power Yoga is classic Yoga postures linked together in a flowing sequence with an emphasis on awareness, breathing, sensation and experience. It’s a more vigorous yoga experience for those looking to balance their existing workouts and add movement to their meditation.

Hayabusa Karate for Kids

Hayabusa Karate is a Karate BC club that offers traditional and competition training in Kata (form) and Kumite (sparring) in Shotokan Karate. Classes are equally beneficial for serious karate practitioners as well as individuals who practice to stay healthy and in shape. A high fitness and muscle training component is incorporated into every class along with a focus on technique, strategy, self-confidence and team work.