1.   Must be a current branch member or party is being organized by a current branch member.

2.  Party must be coordinated in advance with our GM Peter Jensen.
     Contact info 604-738-4142 Minimum 7 days notice is required.
    • Peter will be the liaison for any “extras”.
      Extras include space availability (upstairs/downstairs), table set up for extra food, branch catering, or any other specialty items or costs that would be required.

3.  Branch will supply the cake, candles, paper plates, forks, napkins, & simple birthday
     decorations (tablecloth, HB banner) at no cost provided a dozen (12) or more
     members/guests are guaranteed.
    • *If five (5) or less members/guests come – cake, etc will still be available but there will be a $35 charge for the cake & party supplies.

4.  A Complimentary Birthday libation will also be available for the birthday person.