The Chemistry of Life with Dr. Nabyl Merbouh, PhD

by Billy Bishop
19 May 2022 @ 19:00

The Chemistry of Life with
Dr. Nabyl Merbouh, PhD

Which Scientists Study The Chemistry Of Life?

Organic Chemists, that’s who!

Organic chemists are modern-day alchemists hiding in a laboratory among elixirs, alembics and concoctions. Give them a bit of coal, a little air and some fire, and they can make you beautiful molecules. From the accidental discovery of synthetic dyes and sweeteners to the mass production of antibiotics and biodegradable polymers, organic chemists are continually changing the word around us. We’ll learn about the daily life of a chemist and how curiosity and passion are an integral part of their laboratory work. 

Nabyl Merbouh, PhD, has taught organic chemistry for over 15 years at Simon Fraser University where he is a teaching Professor. He is the recipient of the SFU Excellence in Teaching award as well as the SFU Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching award. He is the author of over 40 peer-reviewed research papers in the area of organic synthetic chemistry and chemical education.  

Here’s an interesting teaser:
What do the Foxglove flower and van Gogh have in common?
After admission to the asylum at Saint-Rémy in 1889, van Gogh physician, Dr Paul-Ferdinand Gachet, prescribed him digitalis, which is why medical historiography strongly supports the hypothesis of van Gogh having suffered from digitalis-induced xanthopsia.