At the Billy Bishop/Kerrisdale Legion, the benefits of membership include opportunities for direct involvement in activities, the ability to attend and contribute to our monthly general meetings, and the option to purchase offsales liquor — just to name a few.

To Become A Member:

-Please fill in the membership application either by hand or printed (the PDF file is fillable).
-Please bring the application, proof of service (if applicable), membership payment of $65.00 (cash,debit, credit, or cheque), and any other supporting documents to the bar for processing.

Applications should be accompanied by signatures from two current Billy Bishop/Kerrisdale members (proposer and seconder).

2017 Dues are payable by December 31, 2016, and if not paid by January 31, 2017, you are no longer a member in good standing.

For more information about legion membership, in general, please visit The Royal Canadian Legion Website or contact us directly for inquiries about membership.



2017 Membership cards are available at the bar for those members who paid 2016 dues on time or joined early in 2016.  If your membership card is not at the bar, please pay your dues and keep your receipt as proof of payment until your card arrives from Command.  Our Membership Chair will telephone or email you upon receipt.

The October 16, 2016 General Meeting reluctantly agreed to the necessity of increasing our annual dues from $60 to $65 to offset increases in annual subsidies paid to Command.  This increase is effective immediately.

If you pay your 2017 dues by November 30, 2016, your name will be entered into our Early Bird draw and one lucky member will have their 2018 dues paid for by the branch.

The Billy counts on your membership dues to offset operating costs so please, renew your membership as soon as possible.

Thank you.