About The Royal Canadian Legion

Who We Are

We are a veterans’ community-based organization which any Canadian citizen, Commonwealth, subject or citizen of an allied country can join. We were founded by veterans, for veterans more than eight decades ago. But while we have maintained our traditional values of veterans’ care and the perpetuation of Remembrance, we have progressively become more involved in the community.

With almost 400,000 members in 1,590 branches we ensure Canadian veterans of all ages receive everything they so richly deserve. We are “The Guardians of Remembrance” in Canada but we also have a big role to play in community development. We are a not-for-profit organization self-funded by its members for the good of our veterans and our communities.

Our Priorities

  • Veterans Care and Support
  • Promotion of Remembrance
  • Advocacy
  • Community Service
    • Youth and Seniors
    • Citizenship Development
    • Canadian Unity

Our Role

To serve veterans, new and old, and their dependants, to promote Remembrance and to act in the service of Canada and its communities.



The Branch

It is the center of Legion activities in the community where members gather to enjoy comradeship through social events and special activities. Usually open on holidays, it can offer special services to members and the community, such as hosting and catering. In-house sports (some that provide the chance to compete at the national level), fundraising for local charities, youth activity support and the development of other local and national programs are all part of what happens there. In many communities it is the focal point for people in the area.


The Poppy

It is a Commonwealth emblem of supreme sacrifice. It is trade marked and distributed in Canada by the Legion as a visual pledge that Canadians will never forget the sacrifice of those who have fallen in wars and military operations. During the annual Poppy Campaign, millions of poppies are distributed to raise funds in order to assist veterans and their dependants.


Membership & Its Benefits

Any Canadian citizen, Commonwealth subject or citizen of an allied country can join. You do not have to be a serving or former member of the Canadian Forces. You only have to agree with the purposes and objects of the Royal Canadian Legion -the care of our veterans, ther perpetuation of Remembrance and the development of the community in which you live.

Why You Should Be A Branch Member

  • Belong to a group that cares about, and for, Canada’s veterans and seniors
  • Belong to a group that cares about and fosters Remembrance as a national ideal
  • Support your local community
  • Expand your skills and talents in a wide range of areas by helping out with or leading programs
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Enjoy comradeship and recreation
  • Access by members to discount products or goods and services through cooperating companies
  • Receive Legion Magazine



Our National & Community Programs


  • Service Bureau
    • direct assistance to veterans in need by professional service officers
  • The Poppy Campaign
    • an annual campaign to distribute Poppies to Canadians, provide assistance to veterans and promote Remembrance
  • Biennial Pilgrimage of Remembrance
    • youth leaders visit European battlefields
    • $100,000 every second year
  • Seniors’ Housing
    • own/manage over 7,000 units
  • Seniors’ Programs
    • transportation, meals-on-wheels, foot care clinics, meeting places and more
  • Local Sports and Activities
    • Curling, Cribbage, Darts, Golf, Snooker, Euchre, Trivia Nights, etc.
  • Support National and Local Charities
    • hospitals and other organizations
    • $12 million a year
  • Direct Financial Assistance of Military Support Programs
  • RCL Troop Morale Fund
    • purchase a coffee and a doughnut for troops in Afghanistan on a regular basis
  • Youth Leadership Development
    • youth camps and involvement with other movements
  • Educational Development
    • scholarships and bursaries as well as learning aids for the disabled
  • Encounters with Canada Program
    • branch and national support to help 120 students per week, for 30 weeks, to come together in Ottawa in order to learn more about Canada and each other
  • National Youth Literacy and Poster Contest
    • over 65,000 entries each year
  • National Track and Field Championships
    • Canada’s only championships for young men and women between 12 and 17 years of age
    • $500,000 a year
  • Sponsor and Support Cadets
    • 1,020 units
  • Outstanding Cadet of the Year Award
    • Selection of one cadet from each cadet league to represent youth at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony
  • Sponsor and Support Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies
    • 1,600 groups
  • Volunteering in our communities
    • 2.3 million hours annually

Our annual impact on the Canadian economy through operations at all levels is $335 million.