Daughter of two veterans, Chef Jaime Lipe was born and raised in Florida. Growing up often at the heels of her great aunt (who was also a chef) in the kitchen, she came to appreciate the care put into making great food. Moving to Georgia, Texas, then Los Angeles as a young adult, she absorbed as much as she could from Southern and Latin cuisines. After graduating from the California School of Culinary Arts in 2009, Jaime spent several years working for some of Los Angeles’ top chefs. Her experience throughout these years introduced her to Middle Eastern cooking, furthered her exposure to Latin cuisine, and allowed her to hone classic French technique.
With an opportunity to move to Canada in 2013, Jaime served as the head chef at beloved neighborhood Cafe Bica in the Armoury District for three years. After that, she shifted over to catering and learned that side of the industry from some great chefs in Vancouver before starting her own personal catering business, Firefly Catering. She currently enjoys working one-on-one with her clients, tailor crafting menus with them for their small events.
Outside of cooking, Jaime enjoys spending time with her husband and small dog, stand-up comedy, and karaoke. She is grateful for the opportunity to bring the care she learned to take in the kitchen from her great aunt to the kitchen at the Billy Bishop Royal Canadian Legion.


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